Panel Discussion Sessions (PDS)

Call for Panel Discussion Sessions

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Submission Deadline: March 29th, 2024

Welcome to the Panel Discussion Sessions (PDS) of the BALAS Annual Conference, where the complexities of Latin American economies and businesses are unraveled through expert dialogue. Panel Discussion Sessions at the BALAS conference are forums to discuss contemporary issues relevant to Latin American business scholars.

Our PDS are one of the central features of the Conference, designed to foster insightful debate on pressing issues in Latin American business and economics. Attendees are invited to engage with a panel of distinguished experts - leading academics, seasoned industry professionals, and policymakers - who bring knowledge and diverse perspectives to the forefront of the conversation.

Current and Critical Topics

The panel themes are carefully chosen to reflect the most current and critical topics affecting Latin America. From economic policies and market trends to sustainability and social impact, our discussions tackle the questions that define the region's business landscape. These topics can be conceived based on the main theme and the special tracks of the annual conference.

Interactive and Inclusive Sessions

We believe that the best learning comes from active participation. That's why our Panel Discussions are not just presentations but interactive sessions. We encourage you to question, comment, and contribute, creating a rich, inclusive dialogue that informs and inspires. Panels should be organized around a common theme and may have various formats, including roundtable discussions, keynotes with discussants, debates, or professional development workshops.

Networking and Growth Opportunities

Each Panel Discussion also serves as a networking hub to connect with thought leaders and peers who share your interests and passion for Latin American business. These sessions are designed to catalyze new ideas, partnerships, and collaborative projects that extend beyond the Conference.

Call for PDS Proposals

The BALAS annual conference invites proposals for PDS that address current and relevant topics in Latin American business research and practice. PDS are opportunities for lively and interactive exchanges among panelists and attendees on a common theme or question.

We invite panel proposals in diverse formats for an upcoming event. Options include roundtable discussions, allowing panelists to present their perspectives and engage in Q&A with the audience; keynote sessions with leading figures followed by discussant reviews and audience interaction; debates on propositions or policies, culminating in audience-driven Q&A; and professional development workshops with a concluding Q&A segment. PDS emphasize audience participation and expert insights.

Submissions featuring only a series of paper presentations will be rejected.

PDS Process

PDS must allocate substantial time, at least 30 minutes of the 90-minute session, for genuine discussion and interaction among the panelists and the audience.

To ensure sufficient discussion time, panels should have no more than 4 presenters focused on a specific theme. The total presentation time should not exceed 60 minutes.

Submission Guidelines

Panel proposals should be no more than 6,000 words and must be submitted by the panel chair. All proposals require:

    1. Title of the panel
    2. Abstract of the panel (up to 300 words).
    3. Structure of the panel, indicating the format, the number and order of presenters, the role of the moderator and the optional discussant, and the time allocation for each segment
    4. Technical requirements, specifying any equipment or software needed for the panel.
    5. Motivations for the panel, explaining why the topic is timely, relevant, and interesting.
    6. Target audience, describing the intended audience and the level of prior experience required.
    7. Chair and panelists’ bio information, providing the name, affiliation, email, and a brief bio (up to 100 words) for each participant. Attaching a high-resolution photo for each participant.
    8. Panelists’ participation confirmation statement, confirming that all panelists have agreed to participate in the panel and are aware of the conference registration and participation costs.
    9. References, listing any sources cited in the proposal.

    Submit your Panel Proposal to

    Writing the email Subject: “Call for Panel Discussion Sessions #BALAS2024”


    All panel participants must register for the BALAS conference and cover their own participation costs. No funding is available from the conference organizers to cover speaker travel, accommodation, or registration fees.

    Panel discussion sessions will run parallel to paper presentation sessions during the multi-day conference. The conference organizing committee will determine the final schedule based on the overall program. All panels and papers will be allotted a 90-minute session for their presentations and discussions.

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