We are launching BALAS’ Newsletter!

We are very excited to announce the launching of a BALAS’ Newsletter, for the benefit of our BALAS community. In the early years BALAS had a newsletter that was distributed 3-4 times annually, via mail. We are retaking this effort and are eager to hear what you have to say (please, contact us at balas@balas.org).

This year’s conference, Facing deglobalization: Views from and for Latin America is an opportunity for us to celebrate and reflect on the first 40 years of BALAS. BALAS is the premier international association fully dedicated to promoting a better understanding of Latin American business. As expressed by Denisse Dimon, BALAS former President (2009): “Emerging out of the 1980s, when Latin American countries were just opening markets and political systems, BALAS began from a small group of academics, residing the United States, to an organization today with a diverse membership from countries across three continents. The traditional goal of networking and sharing ideas across disciplines has always remained. Out of BALAS many friendships and professional partnerships have been created and blossomed to help foster greater linkages and knowledge creation across countries”.

We thank Ricardo Buitrago, BALAS Conference Chair, for hosting and organizing the 40th Anniversary Conference.He wears two hats in BALAS, since he also chairs the Latin American Job Market (LAJM). We also thank the distinguished members of our BALAS Organizing Committee and, no less important, our BALAS Executive Committee, listed below. They are a group of volunteers that shine by themselves and bring a positive vibe to BALAS. A glance at the list will confirm that we are privileged to continue the BALAS tradition with diversity, knowledge creation, blossoming friendship, and a true scholar spirit. You probably know them all for their contribution of leadership in the academic world of the LATAM region and beyond:

Executive Committee:

Urbi Garay, President BALAS

Yvonne Huertas, Executive Director

John Rosso, Academic Chair

Camille Villafañe, Communications Chair

Jose Antonio Robles, Doctoral Consortium Chair

Dennis López, Treasurer

Regional Representatives:

Jose Ernesto Amoros, Mexico Rep

Lourdes Casanova, Europe Rep

Viviana Fernandez, Southern South America Rep

Niels Ketelhohn, Central America and the Caribbean Rep

Virginia Lasio, Northern South America Rep

Jannine Poletti, Rep at large

Christopher Robertson, US-Canada Rep

Richard Saito, Brazil Rep

Join us for this year's BALAS 2023 annual conference!

Can you feel it in the air? The prospect of participating in this next BALAS Conference hosted by EGADE Business School is electrifying!

Please join us in BALAS 2023, for an unforgettable academic, cultural, and gastronomic experience in Mexico City. You already know what to expect on the academic side of BALAS conferences. (High expectations, right?) This year Mexico is our destination. From the bustling city streets to the stunning architecture and ancient ruins, Mexico City is full of vibrant culture, delicious food, and awe-inspiring scenery.

You will have the chance to explore the lively streets and experience the unique culture of Mexico City, be able to sample delicious Mexican cuisine, and observe the customs of the locals. You will also have the opportunity to visit colorful outdoor markets, explore the ancient ruins, and taste the local flavors in the city's most traditional neighborhoods.

Remember that our authors will enjoy a blend of a traditional face-to-face conference with online participation options for those who cannot attend the BALAS 2023 Conference in person. The choice is yours on how to participate and we know that you will again join us to celebrate our 40th anniversary of BALAS, creating the perfect setting for academic conferences that fulfill all your expectations!

If you have any questions or want more information about traveling to Mexico, please visit www.balas.com.

Central Theme of BALAS 2023 Annual Conference

Facing deglobalization: Views from and for Latin America

In June 2022, the IMF voiced concern about the impact of Russia's war on Ukraine on the world's ability to respond to climate change, supply chain disruptions, food and energy issues, and unpredictable financial markets. Is the world on route into geopolitical fragmentation? The World Economic Forum (WEF) reported in January 2021 that deglobalization trends are changing the global economy and accelerating inequality. The BALAS 2023 Conference will provide a scholarly academic forum for discussing deglobalization with LATAM-focused solutions.

"Deglobalization" refers to changes that complicate conducting business across international borders more than before. It is the reverse of globalization, economic liberalization, and a borderless international economy. Deglobalization raises societal issues. Policymakers' decisions are denounced as culprits. Could environmental or epidemiological concerns drive it? Protectionism and geopolitical rivalries also produce tensions and a "new reality" with its associated issues. Unprecedented global pressures have led scholars studying businesses and other organizations to reexamine issues on politics and opposition to globalization. BALAS 2023 will focus on this.

Business schools are navigating uncharted waters due to the trend towards deglobalization, even though, over the course of the past two hundred years, the global economy has gone through cycles of globalization and deglobalization. The goal of the BALAS 2023 special topic is to explore the deglobalization phenomenon and its impact on strategy, management, and business operations.

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