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A part of the mission of BALAS is to provide publishing outlets for our members as well as increasing scholarly awareness of the region. To this end, at each annual conference BALAS publishes a Proceedings which includes the papers presented. For the 2012 Annual Conference in Rio de Janeiro the Journal of Business Research and Academia, Revista Latinoamericana de Administración will publish special issues with the best papers of the Annual BALAS conference. For the 2020 Annual Conference the International Journal of Advertising will also be publish a special issue on Advertising and Branding Practices in Latin America.

As a sample of this work we present two special issues based on best papers of BALAS Annual conference.

2010 Finance Track Special Issue published in Academia, Revista Latinomericana de Administration, #45, Maximiliano González and Luis J. Sanz, eds. Click here to see a summary of the articles included in this issue.


2009 Best Papers Special Issue published in Journal of Business Research, (Vol. 62, #9), Esteban R. Brenes, Jerry Haar and Bernardo Requena, eds. Click here for a full listing of the articles included.


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