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San Martin de PorresThe University of San Martín de Porres dates back to the Instituto Pro-Deo, a house dedicated to the promotion of philosophy and theology, founded by the RF Vicente Sánchez Valer from the order of (Dominican) preachers. Shortly after the Pope John XXIII elevated the devout Fray Martín de Porres Velásquez of the Dominican Order of Peru to the altars, has been founded the University dedicated to the new saint, on May 17 th , 1962.
The firsts Faculties were the Faculties of Education and Letters, including the Institutes of Philosophy, Castilian, Literature, History, Geography and Journalism. The First Chancellor was the founder, the RF Vicente Sánchez Valer. The founders remembered that time with nostalgia due to the spirit of innovation and growth that inspired them to incorporate the careers of Accounting Sciences, Economics, Administration, Law, Social Work, Sociology, Psychology and the Institutes of Industrial Relations and Cooperative Movement.

The seventies were marked by a great activity regarding infrastructure, for example, the acquisition of the huge land of the University Campus in the district of Santa Anita, which was considered to be quite far at that time. After some time, the facilities for the programs in Sociology and Social Work were constructed. During the eighties, the University built its future development bases, training professors and developing carefully its academic offer through curricular structures that could meet the requirements of the country and its development.

The nineties were, without a doubt, years of fruitful development for the University of San Martín de Porres. The overflowing enthusiasm and commitment of its authorities and the university community allowed granting it with an infrastructure according to its prestige. That is how were constructed the premises of the Faculties of Communication, Obstetrics and Dentistry Sciences and, more recently, the modern premises of the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Architecture and Law and Political Sciences. The University growth in this step was oriented to build an institution committed to knowledge research and construction. This commitment is why this is the university institution that has invested more in Information Technology, with over 10,000 installed computers in 16 campus totally interconnected. In such campus we offer to students and professors the multiplicity of equipment they require for developing their specialities. That is why the School of Communication Sciences counts with two television studios, several digital edition islands, fifty professional TV cameras, Infography, Wording, and Newspaper Design Workshop. In the Faculty of Human Medicine, stands out the Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Biology, devoted to studies of international level. The Faculty of Dentistry treats monthly more than ten thousand surgeries in the Dentistry Clinic.
The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture counts with laboratories of image processing, systems of geographic information, of objects oriented technology, and we develop innovating research projects on digital business and virtual education; many Faculties participate in this area, and it has been an sound success: over thousands of doctors around the world participated on the first virtual course of modernisation offered by the Faculty of Human Medicine. The Faculties of Law and Political Sciences and the Faculties of Administrative Sciences and Industrial Relations, as well as the Faculties of Economics, Financial and Accounting Sciences provide free judicial consultations and workshops of managerial consultancy to support the development of the Peruvian enterprise.

In its more than 40 years of community service, the University of San Martín de Porres has reached, on its own merit, a special place in the Peruvian educational system. Currently it is a modern institution that counts with 9 Faculties that offer eighteen professional careers, 1 School (12 postgraduate sections), 3 doctorates, above thirty thousand students and 2,500 employees, among lecturers and administrative workers. It is the biggest university of Perú, and it is ranked amongst the three best private universities of the country.

The infrastructure and organization obtained by the University allows it to meet the more demanding and varied academic and administrative requirements of professors and students, besides the extracurricular activities destined to provide an integral formation, that has been reflected in the accreditation of its Faculty of Human Medicine, one of the firsts in Perú obtaining this recognition demanded by law.
Only in the last decade of the 20 th century, the University of San Martín de Porres graduated over 40,000 professionals and contributed with the universal culture through the publication of more than 200 books and the auspices of remarkable works, like staging the opera Aida on the Huaca Pucllana, a Latin-American scoop. It is important to point out that the University devotes important resources to support more than three thousand distinguished students whose limited resources would not allow them acceding quality of university education. This help is reflected in more than US$1,700,000 on studies scholarship granted through our offices of student welfare.
On starting the third millennium, the University has renewed its commitment with the development of the country by creating the first “Instituto de Gobierno” (Government Institute), entity for thought and research that offers masters in Governance and International Business that we are sure will build the necessary bases for the construction of a country with more freedom and justice.
Approaching its half-century of existence, the university of San Martín de Porres looks towards the future with optimism and confidence, having become a pillar in the development of Perú.



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